Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Reviews posted on Blueprint: Review

You may have noticed I've not been posting very often these days.  Well, it's because I, alongside a group of writers and designers I work with, have been developing a new review site.  It's called Blueprint: Review and can be found here.

We're just getting started we're eager to get a bit of a user-base built so jump right on the comments pages and get chatting.  Any feedback is welcome too as we're still ironing out problems here and there.

I'll try and let you guys know when I post reviews on Blueprint: Review as well as Row Three (I'm still going to post for them when I can) so keep an eye out.  I may cross post some bits and pieces on here too, especially more personal stuff like my movie marathons.

Head over there now and check out these new reviews I've posted:



Caught in the Crossfire

Down Terrace

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