My DVD Collection

It's a bit unnecessary, but I thought I'd post my full DVD (plus other formats) list on here.  Partly to have an online backup for myself in case, God forbid, anything happens to them, but also for you guys to check out and make suggestions, poke fun or whatever.  So have a browse!
Title Movie Release Year Director Format
12 Angry Men 1957 Sidney Lumet DVD
12 Monkeys 1995 Terry Gilliam DVD
21 Grams 2003 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu DVD
24 Hour Party People 2002 Michael Winterbottom DVD
28 Weeks Later 2007 Juan Carlos Fresnadillo DVD
The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin 1978 Liu Chia-Liang; Chia-Liang Liu DVD
The 39 Steps 1935 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
The 40 Year Old Virgin 2005 Judd Apatow DVD
300 2007 Zack Snyder HD-DVD
The 400 Blows 1959 François Truffaut DVD
À bout de souffle 1960 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
About Schmidt 2002 Alexander Payne DVD
Action Jackson 1988 Craig R. Baxley VHS
Adaptation 2002 Spike Jonze DVD
The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert 1994 Stephan Elliott DVD
The African Queen 1951 John Huston DVD
The Age Of Innocence 1993 Martin Scorsese DVD
Airplane! 1980 Jim Abrahams; David Zucker DVD
Akira 1988 Katsuhiro Otomo DVD
Alien Quadrilogy: Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien Resurrection 2003 James Cameron; Ridley Scott DVD
Alien: Resurrection 1997 Jean-Pierre Jeunet DVD
All About Eve 1950 Joseph L. Mankiewicz DVD
All About My Mother/Live Flesh/Talk To Her Pedro Almodovar DVD
All Quiet On The Western Front 1930 Lewis Milestone DVD
Alphaville: une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution 1965 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
Amandla! A Revolution In Four Part Harmony 2003 Lee Hirsch DVD
AMELIE/DELICATESSEN Jean-Pierre Jeunet; Marc Caro DVD
American Beauty 1999 Sam Mendes DVD
American Gangster 2007 Ridley Scott HD-DVD
American Graffiti 1973 George Lucas DVD
American Psycho 2000 Mary Harron DVD
American Splendor 2003 Shari Springer Berman; Robert Pulcini DVD
An American Werewolf In London 1981 John Landis DVD
Amores Perros 2000 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu DVD
An Introduction To Hong Kong Legends 2003 DVD
Andrei Rublev 1969 Andrei Tarkovsky; Andrej Tarkowski DVD
The Animatrix 2003 Peter Chung; Andy Jones DVD
Annie Hall 1976 Woody Allen DVD
Antz 1998 Eric Darnell; Tim Johnson DVD
Anvil! The Story of Anvil 2008 Sacha Gervasi DVD
Apocalypse Now (Steelbook Edition) [1979] 2008 DVD
Apollo 13 1995 Ron Howard HD-DVD
Arrested Development: Season 1 2003 Jay Chandrasekhar; Paul Feig DVD
Arrested Development: Season 2 2004 Jay Chandrasekhar; Paul Feig DVD
Arrested Development: Season 3 2007 DVD
The Assassination Of Richard Nixon 2004 Niels Mueller DVD
Atonement 2007 Joe Wright HD-DVD
Awesome 2004 Nathanial Hornblower; Adam Yauch DVD
Azumi 2003 Ryuhei Kitamura DVD
Babel 2006 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; Alejandro González Iñárritu DVD
Babycart At The River Styx [1972] Kenji Misumi DVD
Back To The Future: The Complete Trilogy 2002 Robert Zemeckis; Peyton Reed DVD
Backdraft 1991 Ron Howard DVD
Band Of Brothers 2001 Steven Spielberg; Mikael Salomon DVD
Basil The Great Mouse Detective (Disney) [1986] 1995 Ron Clements; Burny Mattinson VHS
Batman 1989 Tim Burton DVD
Batman Begins 2005 Christopher Nolan HD-DVD
Batman: The Animated Series, Vol. 1 1992 Kevin Altieri; Boyd Kirkland DVD
Battleship Potemkin 1925 Sergei M. Eisenstein DVD
Battlestar Galactica - Series 1-4 [DVD] Michael Rymer; Felix Enriques Alcala DVD
A Bay of Blood 1971 Mario Bava DVD
Before Sunrise / Before Sunset 2005 Richard Linklater DVD
Behind Enemy Lines / Tigerland / Thin Red Line [1998] John Moore; Joel Schumacher DVD
Being John Malkovich 1999 Spike Jonze DVD
Being There 1979 Hal Ashby DVD
Best Of The Best 1989 Robert Radler DVD
Best Of The Best 2 1993 Robert Radler; Bob Radler DVD
Best Of The West Collection - Unforgiven/The Searchers/The Wild Bunch DVD
Beyond the Law 1989 Chia Yung Liu VHS
Beyond The Mat 1999 Barry W. Blaustein VHS
The Big Boss - 2 Disc Platinum Edition [1971] 1971 Lo Wei DVD
Big Wednesday 1978 John Milius DVD
Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey 1991 Peter Hewitt DVD
Billy Elliot 2000 Stephen Daldry DVD
The Birds 1963 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
A Bittersweet Life 2005 Ji-woon Kim DVD
Black Book 2006 Paul Verhoeven DVD
Black Books - Series 2 2001 Martin Dennis; Nick Wood DVD
Black Books - Series 3 2001 Martin Dennis; Nick Wood DVD
Black Narcissus 1947 Michael Powell; Emeric Pressburger DVD
Blade 1998 Stephen Norrington DVD
Blade Runner 1982 Ridley Scott DVD
Bloodfist 4: Die Trying 1992 Paul Ziller DVD
Blow Out 1981 Brian De Palma DVD
Blue Collar 1978 Paul Schrader DVD
Blue Velvet 1986 David Lynch DVD
Boiling Point 1990 Takeshi Kitano DVD
Bone 1972 Larry Cohen DVD
Boogie Nights 1997 Paul Thomas Anderson DVD
Boogiepop Phantom Complete Series 2000 DVD
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan 2006 Larry Charles DVD
Born On The Fourth Of July [HD DVD] [1989] 2007 DVD
Bound 1996 Andy Wachowski; Larry Wachowski DVD
The Bourne Identity 2002 Doug Liman DVD
The Bourne Supremacy 2004 Paul Greengrass DVD
The Bourne Ultimatum 2007 Paul Greengrass HD-DVD
Bowfinger 1999 Frank Oz DVD
Bowling For Columbine 2002 Michael Moore DVD
Boy Meets Girl 1994 Ray Brady DVD
Branded To Kill 1967 Seijun Suzuki DVD
Brass Eye 1997 Michael Cumming DVD
Brick 2005 Rian Johnson DVD
The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 David Lean DVD
Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason 2004 Beeban Kidron DVD
Bridget Jones's Diary 2001 Sharon Maguire DVD
Brief Encounter 1945 David Lean DVD
Brighton Rock 1947 John Boulting DVD
Bringing Out The Dead 1999 Martin Scorsese DVD
Broken Flowers 2005 Jim Jarmusch DVD
Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth 1978 See-Yuen Ng DVD
Buffalo Soldiers 2001 Gregor Jordan DVD
Bus 174 2002 Jos Padilha; José Padilha; Felipe Lacerda DVD
The Buster Keaton Chronicles Vernon P. Becker DVD
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid 1969 George Roy Hill DVD
Cabaret 1972 Bob Fosse DVD
Candyman 1992 Bernard Rose DVD
Cape Fear Collection (1961 / 1991) DVD
Capturing The Friedmans 2003 Andrew Jarecki DVD
Carlito's Way 1993 Brian De Palma HD-DVD
Casino 1995 Martin Scorsese DVD
Casino Royale 2006 Martin Campbell DVD
Casshern 2004 Kazuaki Kiriya DVD
Castle Of Cagliostro 1991 Hayao Miyazaki DVD
Central Station 1998 Walter Salles; Walter Jr. Salles DVD
Chaplin Classics Vol 1 Charles Chaplin DVD
Cheers: The Complete 1st Season 1982 James Burrows DVD
Children of Men 2006 Alfonso Cuarón HD-DVD
Chinatown 1974 Roman Polanski DVD
A Chinese Ghost Story 1987 Siu-Tung Ching; Siu-Tung DVD
Chocolate 2008 Prachya Pinkaew DVD
Chopper 2000 Andrew Dominik DVD
The Christopher Guest Collection Christopher Guest DVD
Chuck Norris Collection - Missing In Action/Code Of Silence/Lone Wolf McQuade DVD
Chungking Express 1994 Kar Wai Wong DVD
Cinema Paradiso 1989 Giuseppe Tornatore DVD
Citizen Kane 1941 Orson Welles DVD
City Hunter 1992 Wong Jing; Jing Wong DVD
City of God 2002 Fernando Meirelles; Kátia Lund DVD
City of Lost Children 1997 Jean-Pierre Jeunet; Marc Caro DVD
City On Fire Ringo Lam DVD
The Claude Chabrol Collection DVD
Clerks 1994 Kevin Smith DVD
Clint Eastwood Collection - Play Misty For Me/Joe Kidd/Two Mules For Sister Sarah/Coogan's Bluff/The Beguiled/The Eiger Sanction/High Plains Drifter/Breezy [DVD] Clint Eastwood; Don Siegel DVD
A Clockwork Orange 1971 Stanley Kubrick DVD
Cobra 1986 George P. Cosmatos VHS
The Coen Brothers Collection Joel Coen DVD
Collateral 2004 Michael Mann DVD
Commando 1985 Mark L. Lester DVD
Conan The Barbarian 1982 John Milius DVD
Contact 1997 Robert Zemeckis DVD
Control 2007 Anton Corbijn DVD
The Cooler 2003 Wayne Kramer DVD
Corpse Bride 2005 Tim Burton; Mike Johnson HD-DVD
Cowboy Bebop Perfect Collection #1-6 1999 Shinichir Watanabe; Shinichirô Watanabe DVD
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie 2001 Hiroyuki Okiura; Shinichirô Watanabe DVD
Crank 2006 Mark Neveldine; Brian Taylor DVD
Crimewave 1985 Sam Raimi DVD
Critters: Collection 1986 Stephen Herek; Mick Garris DVD
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 Ang Lee DVD
Croupier 1998 Mike Hodges DVD
The Crying Game 1992 Neil Jordan DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1 2000 Larry Charles; Robert B. Weide DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete 2nd Season 2001 Bryan Gordon; Larry Charles DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete 3rd Season 2002 Larry Charles; Robert B. Weide DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete 4th Season 2003 Larry Charles; Robert B. Weide DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete 5th Season 2005 Larry Charles; Robert B. Weide DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete 7th Season 2009 DVD
The Darjeeling Limited 2007 Wes Anderson DVD
Dark Angel 1990 Craig R. Baxley VHS
The Dark Crystal 1982 Jim Henson; Frank Oz DVD
Dark Days 2000 Marc Singer DVD
David Holzman's Diary 1967 Jim McBride DVD
Dawn Of The Dead 1978 George A Romero DVD
Day of the Sirens 2002 Ray Brady DVD
The Day Today: The Complete Series 2004 Andrew Gillman DVD
Dead Man's Shoes 2004 Shane Meadows DVD
Dead Ringers 1988 David Cronenberg DVD
Deadwood: The Complete First Season 2004 Mark Tinker; Alan Taylor DVD
Deadwood: The Complete Second Season 2004 Edward Bianchi; Davis Guggenheim DVD
Deadwood: The Complete Third Season 2006 Edward Bianchi; Davis Guggenheim DVD
Death Duel 1977 Yuen Chor; Chu Yuan; Chor Yuen DVD
Death Proof [2007] Quentin Tarantino DVD
Death Wish 1974 Michael Winner DVD
Dekalog 1989 Krzysztof Kieslowski DVD
Détective 1985 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
Devil Lady #1: The Awakening 1998 Toshiki Hirano; Toshitaka Hirano DVD
Die Hard Trilogy 2004 John McTiernan; Renny Harlin DVD
"Directors Commentary" 2004 DVD
The Dirty Dozen [1967] 2006 Robert Aldrich DVD
Dirty Harry 1971 Don Siegel DVD
Dirty Pretty Things 2002 Stephen Frears DVD
District 13 2004 Pierre Morel DVD
Do The Right Thing 1989 Spike Lee DVD
DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story 2004 Rawson Marshall Thurber DVD
Dog Day Afternoon 1975 Sidney Lumet DVD
Dogtown And Z-Boys 2001 Stacy Peralta DVD
La Dolce Vita 1960 Federico Fellini DVD
Don't Look Now 1973 Nicolas Roeg DVD
Donnie Brasco 1997 Mike Newell DVD
Donnie Darko 2001 Richard Kelly DVD
Doom 2005 Andrzej Bartkowiak DVD
Downfall 2004 Oliver Hirschbiegel DVD
Dragon From Russia 1990 Clarence Ford; Clarence Fok Yiu-leung DVD
Dragons Forever 1988 Corey Yuen; Sammo Hung Kam-Bo DVD
Dreamgirls 2006 Bill Condon HD-DVD
Driver 1978 Walter Hill; Walter DVD
Drunken Master 1978 Woo-ping Yuen DVD
Drunken Master II 1994 Jackie Chan; Chia-Liang Liu DVD
Duel 1971 Steven Spielberg DVD
Duel To The Death Ching Siu Tung DVD
Dune 1984 David Lynch DVD
Dust Devil 1992 Richard Stanley; Dick Stanley DVD
Ed Wood 1994 Tim Burton DVD
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter 1983 Chia-Liang Liu; Lau Kar Leung DVD
El Mariachi / Desperado [1996] 1995 Robert Rodriguez DVD
Election 1999 Alexander Payne DVD
Encounters Of The Spooky Kind [1980] 1980 Sammo Hung Kam-Bo DVD
Enter The Dragon 1973 Robert Clouse DVD
The Errol Morris Collection Errol Morris DVD
Essential Bergman Collection (4 Disc Box Set) Ingmar Bergman DVD
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 2004 Michel Gondry DVD
Être Et Avoir 2002 Nicolas Philibert; Georges Lopez DVD
The Evil Dead 1981 Sam Raimi DVD
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn 1987 Sam Raimi DVD
The Exorcist 1973 William Friedkin DVD
The Exterminating Angel 1962 Jean-Claude Brisseau; Luis Bunuel; Luis Buñuel DVD
Extras: The Complete 1st Season 2005 Ricky Gervais; Stephen Merchant DVD
The Fabulous Baker Boys 1989 Steve Kloves DVD
Family Guy: Season 1 1999 Seth MacFarlane DVD
Family Guy: Season 2 2001 DVD
Family Guy: Season 3 2003 Neil Affleck; Pete Michels DVD
Family Guy: Season 4 2005 Pete Michels; Peter Shin DVD
The Fast and The Furious 2001 Rob Cohen HD-DVD
Fearless (Jet Li) 2006 Ronny Yu DVD
Female Prisoner Scorpion Trilogy Shunya Ito DVD
Fight Club 1999 David Fincher DVD
Film Noir Collection - Gilda/In A Lonely Place/The Killers/Double Indemnity Charles Vidor; Billy Wilder DVD
Finding Nemo 2003 Andrew Stanton; Lee Unkrich DVD
Firefly: The Complete Series 2002 Allan Kroeker; Vondie Curtis-Hall DVD
First Blood 1982 Ted Kotcheff DVD
A Fish Called Wanda 1988 Charles Crichton; John Cleese DVD
Fist Of Fury 1972 Wei Lo; Donnie Yen; Benny Chan; Shiu-Kee Lung DVD
Fist of Fury II 1977 Tso Nam Lee; Lo Wei DVD
Fist Of Legend 1994 Gordon Chan DVD
A Fistful of Dynamite 1971 Sergio Leone DVD
Fitzcarraldo 1982 Werner Herzog DVD
Flaming Lips: The Fearless Freaks 2005 Bradley Beesley DVD
Fletch 1985 Michael Ritchie DVD
Flight Of The Phoenix 2004 John Moore DVD
Flirting With Disaster 1996 David O. Russell DVD
Flushed Away 2006 David Bowers; Sam Fell DVD
The Fly/The Fly 2 David Cronenberg; Chris Walas DVD
The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara 2003 Errol Morris DVD
For Your Eyes Only 1981 John Glen DVD
Fortress 1993 Stuart Gordon VHS
Frankenstein [Region 2] 1931 James Whale DVD
French Connection / French Connection 2 1975 John Frankenheimer; William Friedkin DVD
From Dusk Till Dawn 1996 Robert Rodriguez DVD
From Russia With Love 1963 Terence Young DVD
Full Metal Jacket 1987 Stanley Kubrick DVD
Futurama: Season 1 1999 Peter Avanzino; Wesley Archer DVD
Futurama: Season 2 1999 Peter Avanzino; Matt Groening DVD
Futurama: Season 4 1999 Bret Haaland; Peter Avanzino DVD
Gallipoli 1981 Peter Weir DVD
The Game 1997 David Fincher DVD
Game of Death 2 1981 Sammo Hung Kam-Bo; See-Yuen Ng; Ng See-Yuen DVD
Get Carter 1971 Mike Hodges DVD
Ghost in the Shell 1995 Mamoru Oshii DVD
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 1st Gig, BOXSET DVD
Ghostbusters 1984 Ivan Reitman DVD
Ginger Snaps 2000 John Fawcett DVD
Gion Bayashi 1953 Kenji Mizoguchi DVD
Gladiator 2000 Ridley Scott DVD
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 James Foley DVD
Go 1999 Doug Liman DVD
The Godfather DVD Collection 1972 Francis Ford Coppola DVD
Gods And Monsters 1998 Bill Condon DVD
Gone Baby Gone 2007 Ben Affleck DVD
Good Night, And Good Luck 2005 George Clooney DVD
The Good The Bad and The Weird 2008 Ji-woon Kim DVD
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 1966 Sergio Leone DVD
The Graduate 1967 Mike Nichols DVD
Graduation Day 1981 Herb Freed DVD
Gran Torino 2008 Clint Eastwood Blu-ray Disc
Grease 1978 Randal Kleiser DVD
Great Expectations 1946 David Lean DVD
Greatest Ever Action Heroes Collection James Cameron; Po Chih Leong DVD
Gregory's Girl 1981 Bill Forsyth DVD
Grizzly Man 2005 Werner Herzog DVD
Grosse Pointe Blank 1997 George Armitage DVD
Gunbuster [1988] 1989 Hideaki Anno DVD
La Haine 1995 Mathieu Kassovitz DVD
Half Nelson 2006 Ryan Fleck DVD
Hana-bi 1997 Takeshi Kitano DVD
Hand Of Death 1975 John Woo DVD
Hard Boiled 1992 John Woo DVD
Hardware 1990 Richard Stanley DVD
Harold And Maude 1971 Hal Ashby DVD
The Haunting 1963 Robert Wise DVD
Heat 1995 Michael Mann DVD
Heat Guy J: Complete Series 1 2002 Kazuki Akane DVD
Heathcliff - The King of the Beasts 1984 DVD
Heathers 1989 Michael Lehmann DVD
Heima 2007 Dean DeBlois DVD
Helas Pour Moi 1993 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
Hellboy: Blood and Iron 2007 Tad Stones; Victor Cook DVD
Hellraiser 1987 Clive Barker DVD
Henri-Georges Clouzot Collection [1943] 2007 DVD
Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer 1986 John McNaughton DVD
Hercules 1997 Ron Clements; John Musker DVD
Hero 2002 Yimou Zhang DVD
The Heroes of Telemark 1965 Anthony Mann DVD
The Heroic Ones Chang Cheh DVD
Highlander 1986 Russell Mulcahy DVD
His Girl Friday 1940 Howard Hawks DVD
A History Of Violence 2005 David Cronenberg DVD
The Hitcher 2007 Dave Meyers DVD
The Holiday 2006 Nancy Meyers DVD
Hot Fuzz 2007 Edgar Wright DVD
House Of Flying Daggers 2004 Yimou Zhang DVD
How To Get Ahead In Advertising 1989 Bruce Robinson DVD
Howl's Moving Castle 2004 Hayao Miyazaki DVD
Hulk (HD DVD) 2003 Ang Lee DVD
Humphrey Bogart Collection 1948 John Huston; Michael Curtiz DVD
Hunger 2008 Steve McQueen DVD
The Hurt Locker 2009 Kathryn Bigelow Blu-ray Disc
The Hustler 1961 Robert Rossen DVD
I'm Alan Partridge - Series 1 1997 Dominic Brigstocke; Tristram Shapeero DVD
I'm Alan Partridge - Series 2 1997 Tristram Shapeero; Armando Iannucci DVD
I'm Not There 2007 Todd Haynes DVD
Ice Age/Ice Age 2: the Meltdown - Double Pack (with free Horton Hears a Who height chart) [1984] 1984 Jeff Kanew; Joe Roth DVD
Ice Cold In Alex 1958 J. Lee Thompson DVD
Igby Goes Down 2002 Burr Steers DVD
In Bruges 2008 Martin McDonagh DVD
In the Mood For Love 2000 Kar Wai Wong DVD
An Inconvenient Truth 2006 Davis Guggenheim DVD
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008 Steven Spielberg DVD
The Adventures Of Indiana Jones: The Complete DVD Movie Collection 1981 Steven Spielberg DVD
Inglorious Bastards [1977] 1977 Enzo G. Castellari DVD
Inglourious Basterds 2009 Quentin Tarantino Blu-ray Disc
Insomnia 2002 Christopher Nolan DVD
IP Man 2008 Wilson Yip DVD
The Ipcress File 1965 Sidney J. Furie DVD
The Iron Giant 1999 Brad Bird DVD
Iron Man 2008 Jon Favreau DVD
Iron Monkey 1993 Woo-ping Yuen DVD
James Bond Ultimate Golden Triple Pack - Goldfinger/The Man With The Golden Gun/Goldeneye Guy Hamilton; Martin Campbell DVD
Japanese Story 2003 Sue Brooks DVD
Jarhead 2005 Sam Mendes DVD
Jaws 1975 Steven Spielberg DVD
The Jean Vigo Collection (2 disc Collector's Edition) 1930 Jean Vigo DVD
The Jean-Pierre Melville Collection 1956 Jean-Pierre Melville DVD
The Jerk 1979 Carl Reiner DVD
Jesus Camp [2006] Heidi Ewing;Rachel Grady DVD
Jimi Hendrix: Live At Monterey 2007 D. A. Pennebaker; D.A. Pennebaker HD-DVD
Jin-Roh [2001] Hiroyuki Okiura DVD
The John Cassavetes Collection [1959] John Cassavetes DVD
Joulupukki ja noitarumpu 1996 Mauri Kunnas DVD
Jules Et Jim 1962 François Truffaut DVD
Junebug 2006 Phil Morrison DVD
The Jungle Book 1967 Wolfgang Reitherman DVD
Jurassic Park 1993 Steven Spielberg DVD
Jurassic Park III 2001 Joe Johnston DVD
Kerjuuvuodet 2000-2007 DVD
Kill Bill: Volume 1 2003 Quentin Tarantino DVD
The Killing Fields 1984 Roland Joffe; Roland Joffé DVD
Kind Hearts And Coronets 1949 Robert Hamer DVD
King Boxer 1971 Cheng Chang Ho; Min Kung DVD
King Kong 2005 Peter Jackson HD-DVD
The King of the Kickboxers 1990 Lucas Lowe VHS
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2005 Shane Black DVD
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2000 Ray Brady DVD
Kiss Me Deadly 1955 Robert Aldrich DVD
Kiss Of The Dragon 2001 Chris Nahon DVD
Knife In The Water [1962] [DVD] 1963 DVD
Knockabout Sammo Hung DVD
Knocked Up 2007 Judd Apatow HD-DVD
Knowing Me, Knowing You, Knowing Yule [UK IMPORT] 1998 Dominic Brigstocke DVD
Kung Fu Hustle 2004 Stephen Chow DVD
Kung Fu Panda 2008 Mark Osborne; John Stevenson DVD
L.A. Confidential 1997 Curtis Hanson DVD
La Femme Nikita 1990 Luc Besson DVD
Lady Snowblood 1973 Toshiya Fujita; Fujita Toshiya DVD
Lady Vanishes 1938 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Lady Vengeance 2005 Chan-wook Park DVD
Land Of The Dead 2005 George A Romero DVD
Lantana 2001 Ray Lawrence DVD
Laputa 1987 Hayao Miyazaki; Helma Sanders-Brahms DVD
The Last Emperor 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci DVD
Last Hero In China 1993 Woo-ping Yuen; Wong Jing DVD
The Last House On The Left 1972 Wes Craven DVD
Last Hurrah for Chivalry [1978] John Woo DVD
The Last King of Scotland 2006 Kevin MacDonald DVD
Last Metro 1980 Fran Truffaut; François Truffaut DVD
The Last Waltz 1976 Martin Scorsese DVD
Lawrence Of Arabia 1962 David Lean DVD
Legend Of A Fighter 1982 Woo-ping Yuen; Yuen Woo-ping DVD
The Leningrad Cowboys Collection 1989 DVD
Let the Right One In 2008 Tomas Alfredson DVD
Lethal Weapon 1987 Richard Donner DVD
Life 2009 Blu-ray Disc
Lifeboat [1944] DVD
Lights in the Dusk 2006 Aki Kaurismaki; Aki Kaurismäki DVD
Little Children 2006 Todd Field DVD
Little Norse Prince 1968 Isao Takahata DVD
Little Shop Of Horrors 1986 Frank Oz DVD
Little Women 1994 Gillian Armstrong DVD
Live And Let Die 1973 Guy Hamilton DVD
The Lives of Others 2006 Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck DVD
Lone Wolf And Cub: Sword Of Vengeance 1973 Kenji Misumi; Misumi Kenji DVD
The Long Good Friday 1980 John Mackenzie DVD
Long Goodbye 1973 Robert Altman DVD
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring 2001 Peter Jackson DVD
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King 2003 Peter Jackson DVD
The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers 2002 Peter Jackson DVD
Lost In La Mancha 2002 Keith Fulton; Louis Pepe DVD
Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends: The Best Of 1998 DVD
Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends: Volume 2 1999 Geoffrey O'Connor DVD
Lust, Caution 2007 Ang Lee DVD
The Machinist 2004 Brad Anderson DVD
Macross Plus: Movie Edition 1994 Shoji Kawamori; Noboru Ishiguro DVD
Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior [HD DVD] [1981] 2007 George Miller DVD
Made in U.S.A. 1967 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
The Magnificent Butcher [1979] 1979 Yuen Woo-ping DVD
The Magnificent Seven 1960 John Sturges DVD
Magnolia 1999 Paul Thomas Anderson DVD
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1956 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
The Man Who Wasn't There 2001 Joel Coen; Ethan Coen DVD
Man With A Movie Camera (Cinematic Orchestra) 1929 DVD
The Manchurian Candidate 1962 John Frankenheimer DVD
March Of The Penguins 2005 Luc Jacquet DVD
The Mario Bava Collection: Volume 1 Mario Bava; Salvatore Billitteri DVD
Marion And Geoff - Series 1 [2000] 2000 Hugo Blick DVD
Martial Law 1990 Steve Cohen VHS
The Martin Scorsese Collection : Goodfellas Special Edition / After Hours / Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore / Who's That Knocking At My Door Martin Scorsese DVD
Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey Martin Scorsese; Charles Burnett DVD
Marx Brothers Collection - Monkey Business/Horse Feathers/Duck Soup DVD
Marx Brothers Collection: A Night At The Opera / A Day At The Races / At The Circus / Go West / The Big Store / A Night In Casablanca [1935] 1935 Charles Reisner; Edward Buzzell DVD
Mash 1970 Robert Altman DVD
The Mask 1994 Chuck Russell DVD
Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World 2003 Peter Weir DVD
Master With Cracked Fingers 1974 Jackie Chan; Chu Mu DVD
Masters Of Horror: Series 1 2005 Don Coscarelli; Larry Cohen; Joe Dante; Mick Garris DVD
The Matrix & Matrix Revisited 2001 Josh Oreck DVD
Matter Of Life And Death 1946 Michael Powell; Emeric Pressburger DVD
Matti 2006 Aleksi Mäkelä DVD
McCabe And Mrs. Miller 1971 Robert Altman DVD
Me And You And Everyone We Know 2005 Miranda July DVD
Mean Creek 2004 Jacob Aaron Estes DVD
Mean Streets 1973 Martin Scorsese DVD
Melinda And Melinda 2004 Woody Allen DVD
Memento 2000 Christopher Nolan DVD
Memories 1995 Tensai Okamura; Katsuhiro Otomo DVD
Memories of Murder 2003 Joon-ho Bong DVD
Le Mepris 1963 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster 2004 Joe Berlinger; Bruce Sinofsky DVD
Metropolis 2001 Rintaro DVD
Metropolitan [1989] Whit Stillman DVD
MGM Hollywood Legends DVD
Mickey Mouse In Living Colour: Volume 1 2001 David Hand DVD
Mies vailla menneisyyttä 2002 Kaurism; Aki Kaurismaki; Aki Kaurismäki DVD
Miller's Crossing 1990 Joel Coen; Ethan Coen DVD
Million Dollar Baby 2004 Clint Eastwood DVD
The Millionaires' Express 1986 Sammo Hung Kam-Bo; Samo Hung; Sammo Hung DVD
Minority Report 2002 Steven Spielberg DVD
Mission Impossible: Ultimate Missions Collection DVD
Moby Dick 1956 John Huston DVD
Mona Lisa 1986 Neil Jordan DVD
Monster 2003 Joan Churchill; Patty Jenkins DVD
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975 Terry Gilliam; Terry Jones DVD
Moon 2009 Duncan Jones Blu-ray Disc
Moon Warriors 1993 Sammo Hung Kam-Bo; Ching Siu-Tung DVD
Moulin Rouge 2001 Baz Luhrmann DVD
Mr Vampire [1985] 1985 Ricky Lau DVD
Murderball 2005 Henry Alex Rubin; Dana Adam Shapiro DVD
The Music Of Chance 1993 Philip Haas DVD
My Name Is Earl: Season 1 2005 Chris Koch; Marc Buckland DVD
My Neighbour Totoro 1988 Hayao Miyazaki DVD
Mystery Men/Your Friends And Neighbours/Reality Bites DVD
Mystery Train 1989 Jim Jarmusch DVD
Naked 1993 Mike Leigh VHS
Naked Gun Trilogy [1988] David Zucker; Peter Sehr DVD
The Naked Island (Masters of Cinema) (1960) 1960 Kaneto Shindo DVD
Napoleon Dynamite 2004 Jared Hess DVD
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind 1984 Hayao Miyazaki DVD
Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection 0:1-0:8 1995 Kazuya Tsurumaki; Hideaki Anno DVD
Network 1976 Sidney Lumet DVD
The New World 2005 Terrence Malick DVD
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Road To God Knows Where/Live At The Paradiso 2005 N/A DVD
Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors 1987 Chuck Russell VHS
Nimet marmoritaulussa 2002 Elmo Nüganen DVD
Nine Queens 2000 Fabi Bielinsky; Fabián Bielinsky DVD
Ninja In The Dragon's Den 1982 Corey Yuen; Cory Yuen DVD
Ninja Scroll 1995 Yoshiaki Kawajiri DVD
Ninja Squad 1981 Godfrey Ho; Robert Young DVD
No Country for Old Men 2007 Joel Coen; Ethan Coen DVD
North By Northwest 1959 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Nymphoid Barbarian In Dinosaur Hell 1991 Brett Piper DVD
Odd Couple Lau Kar-Wing DVD
The Office (UK): Serie 1 2001 Ricky Gervais; Stephen Merchant DVD
The Old Grey Whistle Test Collection 1987 Jill Sinclair; N/A DVD
Oldboy 2003 Chan-wook Park DVD
Once Upon A Time In America 1984 Sergio Leone DVD
Once Upon A Time In China 1991 Hark Tsui; Tsui Hark DVD
Once Upon A Time In China 2 1992 Hark Tsui DVD
Once Upon a Time in the West 1968 Sergio Leone DVD
One Day In September 1999 Kevin MacDonald DVD
Ong-Bak 2003 Prachya Pinkaew DVD
Only Yesterday 2006 Isao Takahata DVD
Open Range 2003 Kevin Costner DVD
The Opposite Of Sex [1998] 2005 Don Roos DVD
The Orphanage 2007 Juan Antonio Bayona DVD
Out Of Sight 1998 Steven Soderbergh DVD
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism 2004 Robert Greenwald DVD
Ozu - The Noriko Trilogy (Late Spring / Early Summer / Tokyo Story) [1949] 1965 Yasujiro Ozu DVD
Paha maa 2005 Aku Louhimies DVD
Pan's Labyrinth 2006 Guillermo del Toro DVD
Paris, Texas 1984 Wim Wenders DVD
Passion 1982 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
Patlabor 1 And 2 [1989] 1989 Mamoru Oshii DVD
Peau douce, La 1964 François Truffaut DVD
Peep Show: Series 1-5 DVD
Perfect Blue 1997 Satoshi Kon DVD
Peter Pan 1953 Clyde Geronimi; Wilfred Jackson DVD
Le Petit Soldat 1963 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
Pi 1998 Darren Aronofsky DVD
Piano Teacher 2001 Michael Haneke DVD
Pickpocket 1959 Robert Bresson DVD
Pierrot le fou 1965 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
Pinocchio 1940 Ben Sharpsteen; Hamilton Luske DVD
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 2006 Gore Verbinski DVD
Pitkä kuuma kesä 1999 Perttu Leppä DVD
Planet Earth: The Complete Series 2006 Alastair Fothergill HD-DVD
Planet Terror (1 Disc) Robert Rodriguez DVD
Pleasantville 1998 Gary Ross DVD
Police Assassins [1985] 2002 Corey Yuen DVD
Police Story 1985 Jackie Chan DVD
Porco Rosso 1992 Hayao Miyazaki DVD
The Postman Fights Back 1981 Ronny Yu; Ronnie Yu DVD
Predator 1987 John McTiernan DVD
Predator 2 1990 Stephen Hopkins DVD
Prenom Carmen 1983 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
The Prestige 2006 Christopher Nolan DVD
Pretty Woman 1990 Garry Marshall DVD
Pride And Prejudice 2005 Joe Wright DVD
Princess Mononoke 1997 Hayao Miyazaki DVD
Private Function 1984 Malcolm Mowbray DVD
The Prodigal Son 1982 Sammo Hung Kam-Bo; Sammo Hung DVD
Project A 1983 Jackie Chan; Sammo Hung Kam-Bo DVD
Pulp Fiction 1994 Quentin Tarantino DVD
Purple Storm 1999 Teddy Chan DVD
Pusher 1997 Nicolas Winding Refn; Nicholas Winding Refn DVD
The Quest 1996 Jean-Claude Van Damme VHS
Quiz Show 1994 Robert Redford DVD
Raging Bull 1980 Martin Scorsese DVD
Raid 2003 Tapio Piirainen DVD
Raise the Red Lantern 1991 Yimou Zhang DVD
Rambo 2008 Sylvester Stallone DVD
Rambo III 1988 Peter MacDonald DVD
Rambo: First Blood Part II 1985 George P. Cosmatos DVD
Ratatouille 2007 Brad Bird; Jan Pinkava DVD
Ray 2004 Taylor Hackford HD-DVD
Read Or Die [2001] 2001 Amanda Winn Lee; Kouji Masunari DVD
Rebecca 1940 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Red Dragon 2002 Brett Ratner HD-DVD
Red Dwarf: Back To Earth 2009 Doug Naylor DVD
Red Dwarf: Series 3 1988 Ed Bye; Rob Grant DVD
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Videos 2004 DVD
Red Road 2006 Andrea Arnold DVD
Reds 1981 Warren Beatty HD-DVD
La Regle De Jeu 1939 Jean Renoir DVD
Renegades 1989 Jack Sholder VHS
Repo Man 1984 Alex Cox DVD
Requiem For A Dream 2000 Darren Aronofsky DVD
Rescue Dawn 2006 Werner Herzog DVD
Reservoir Dogs 1992 Quentin Tarantino DVD
Retro Revival - The Goonies/Police Academy/Gremlins DVD
The Return 2003 Andrey Zvyagintsev; Dermot Boyd DVD
Ringu 1998 Hideo Nakata DVD
Robocop 1987 Paul Verhoeven DVD
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Jim Sharman DVD
Rocky: The Complete Saga 2007 John G. Avildsen; Sylvester Stallone DVD
Roger And Me 1989 Michael Moore DVD
Roger Dodger 2002 Dylan Kidd DVD
Rolling Stones: Sympathy For The Devil 1970 Jean-Luc Godard; Jen-Luc Godard DVD
Ronin 1998 John Frankenheimer DVD
The Royal Tenenbaums 2001 Wes Anderson DVD
The Rules Of Attraction 2002 Roger Avary DVD
Rumble In Hong Kong 1974 Mu Zhu DVD
Rushmore 1998 Wes Anderson DVD
Sabotage 1936 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Salvador 1986 Oliver Stone DVD
Samurai Trilogy: Musashi Miyamoto / Duel At Ichijoji Temple / Duel At Ganryu Island Hiroshi Inagaki DVD
Sanjuro 1962 Akira Kurosawa DVD
Sansho dayu 1954 Kenji Mizoguchi; Masaichi Nagata DVD
Scanners 1981 David Cronenberg DVD
Screamers 1996 Christian Duguay VHS
Scrooged 1988 Richard Donner DVD
Se7en 1995 David Fincher DVD
Secretary 2002 Steven Shainberg DVD
Seinfeld: Season 3 1992 Andy Ackerman; Tom Cherones DVD
Seinfeld: Season 4 1993 Tom Cherones DVD
Seinfeld: Seasons 5 & 6 2005 Larry David; Jerry Seinfeld DVD
Serenity 2005 Joss Whedon DVD
Serpico / Narc / The Untouchables DVD
Sex, Lies And Videotape 1989 Steven Soderbergh DVD
Shaft 1971 Gordon Parks DVD
Shaolin Soccer 2001 Stephen Chow DVD
Shattered Glass 2003 Billy Ray DVD
Shaun of the Dead 2004 Edgar Wright DVD
The Shawshank Redemption 1994 Frank Darabont DVD
The Shield: Season 1 2002 Guy Ferland; Scott Brazil DVD
The Shield: Season 2 2003 Scott Brazil DVD
Shock Corridor/Naked Kiss 1963 Samuel Fuller DVD
Shogun's Samurai [1978] 1984 Kinji Fukasaku DVD
Short Cuts [1993] Robert Altman DVD
Shortbus 2006 John Cameron Mitchell DVD
Sibelius 2003 Timo Koivusalo DVD
Sideways 2004 Alexander Payne DVD
The Silencer Steve Lawson; Simon Wyndham DVD
Silent Running 1971 Douglas Trumbull DVD
The Simpsons: The Complete First Season 1989 David Silverman; Neil Affleck DVD
The Simpsons: The Complete Second Season 1990 David Silverman; Nancy Cartwright DVD
Singin' In The Rain 1952 Stanley Donen; Gene Kelly DVD
The Sixth Sense 1999 M. Night Shyamalan DVD
The Skeleton Key 2005 Iain Softley DVD
Skinny Tiger And Fatty Dragon 1990 Lau Ka-Wing; Chia Yung Liu DVD
Slacker 1991 Richard Linklater DVD
Sleepy Hollow 1999 Tim Burton DVD
Sling Blade 1996 Billy Bob Thornton DVD
Smoke 1995 Wayne Wang; Paul Auster DVD
Snake In The Eagle's Shadow 1978 Woo-ping Yuen DVD
The Snowman 1982 Dianne Jackson DVD
Some Like It Hot 1959 Billy Wilder DVD
Sonatine 1993 Takeshi Kitano; Takeshi DVD
The Sopranos: Season 1 1999 Daniel Attias; Steve Buscemi DVD
The Sopranos: Season 2 2001 Lee Tamahori; Daniel Attias DVD
The Sopranos: Season 3 2001 Steve Buscemi; David Chase DVD
The Sopranos: Season 4 2003 Daniel Attias; Jack Bender DVD
The Sopranos: Season 5 2004 Steve Buscemi; John Patterson DVD
The Sopranos: Season 6 1999 Daniel Attias; Steve Buscemi DVD
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 1999 Trey Parker DVD
Spartacus 1960 Stanley Kubrick; Anthony Mann DVD
Spartan 2004 David Mamet DVD
Spellbound 2002 Jeffrey Blitz DVD
Spellbound 1945 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Spider-Man 2002 Sam Raimi DVD
Spider-Man 2 2004 Sam Raimi DVD
Spirited Away 2001 Hayao Miyazaki; Kirk Wise DVD
Split Second 1992 Ian Sharp; Tony Maylam VHS
The Squid and the Whale 2005 Noah Baumbach DVD
Stand By Me 1986 Rob Reiner DVD
Standing In The Shadows Of Motown 2002 Paul Justman DVD
Stanley Kubrick Collection - The Killing/Paths Of Glory/Killer's Kiss Stanley Kubrick DVD
Star Wars The Original Trilogy 1983 Edith Becker; George Lucas; Irvin Kershner DVD
Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 1 2003 Genndy Tartakovsky DVD
Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace 1999 George Lucas DVD
Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones 2002 George Lucas DVD
Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith 2005 George Lucas DVD
State Of Play 2003 David Yates DVD
The Station Agent 2003 Thomas McCarthy DVD
The Stormriders 1998 Andrew Lau; Wai Keung DVD
The Street Fighter 1974 Shigehiro Ozawa DVD
Street Fighter 2 - The Animated Movie [1994] 1994 Gisaburo Sugii DVD
Stroszek 1977 Werner Herzog DVD
Sullivan's Travels 1942 Preston Sturges DVD
Sunset Boulevard 1950 Billy Wilder DVD
Sunshine 2007 Danny Boyle DVD
Sunshine State 2002 John Sayles DVD
Super Size Me 2004 Morgan Spurlock DVD
Superman 1978 Richard Donner DVD
Suspiria 1977 Dario Argento DVD
Sweet And Lowdown 1999 Woody Allen DVD
Sweet Smell Of Success 1957 Alexander Mackendrick DVD
Sword of Doom 1966 Kihachi Okamoto DVD
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance 2002 Chan-wook Park DVD
Syriana 2005 Stephen Gaghan DVD
Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense 1984 Jonathan Demme DVD
Taxi 1998 Gérard Pirès DVD
Taxi 2 2000 Gerard Krawczyk DVD
Taxi Driver 1976 Martin Scorsese DVD
Team America: World Police 2004 Trey Parker DVD
Tears Of The Black Tiger 2000 Wisit Sasanatieng DVD
Ten Dead Men 2008 Ross Boyask DVD
The Terminator 1984 James Cameron DVD
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 James Cameron DVD
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 Tobe Hooper DVD
The Woody Allen Collection - Vol. 1 Annie Hall/Bananas/Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex/Love and Death/Manhattan/Sleeper DVD
Them 1954 Gordon Douglas DVD
There Will Be Blood 2007 Paul Thomas Anderson DVD
The Thing 1982 John Carpenter DVD
Thirteen Days 2000 Roger Donaldson DVD
This Is Spinal Tap 1984 Rob Reiner; Christopher Guest DVD
Three Colours: Trilogy Krzysztof Kieslowski DVD
Three Kings 1999 David O. Russell DVD
Through a glass darkly 1961 Ingmar Bergman DVD
Thumbsucker 2005 Mike Mills DVD
THX 1138 1971 George Lucas DVD
Time Bandits 1981 Terry Gilliam DVD
Timecode 2000 Mike Figgis DVD
Tin Men 1987 Barry Levinson DVD
Titanic 1997 James Cameron DVD
Together 2000 Lukas Moodysson DVD
Tokyo Drifter 1966 Seijun Suzuki DVD
Torn Curtain 1966 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Touch Of Evil 1958 Orson Welles DVD
A Touch of Zen 1969 King Hu DVD
Toy Story 1995 John Lasseter DVD
Transformers 2007 Michael Bay HD-DVD
Transformers: The Complete Original Series (Deluxe Edition) [1984] 1984 Peter Wallach DVD
The Transporter 2002 Corey Yuen DVD
Tremors 1990 Ron Underwood HD-DVD
Trilogy - One / Two / Three [2002] Lucas Belvaux DVD
The Triplets Of Belleville 2003 Sylvain Chomet DVD
Troy 2004 Wolfgang Petersen HD-DVD
Tuntematon sotilas 1985 Rauni Mollberg DVD
Twenty Four Seven [1998] 1997 Shane Meadows DVD
Twin Warriors 1993 Woo-ping Yuen DVD
Two-Lane Blacktop 1971 Monte Hellman DVD
Undisputed II: Last Man Standing 2006 Isaac Florentine DVD
Une Femme Est Une Femme 1961 Jean-Luc Godard DVD
United 93 2006 Paul Greengrass DVD
Unknown Pleasures/Xiao Wu [2003] 2003 Zhang-ke Jia DVD
Unleashed 2005 Louis Leterrier DVD
The Usual Suspects 1995 Bryan Singer DVD
Uzak 2002 Nuri Bilge Ceylan; Bilge Nuri Ceylan DVD
Vanishing Point 1971 Richard C. Sarafian DVD
Vengeance is Mine 1979 Shohei Imamura DVD
Vera Drake 2004 Mike Leigh DVD
Versus 2000 Ryuhei Kitamura DVD
Vertigo 1958 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Victim 1980 Sammo Hung Kam-Bo DVD
Virgin Spring 1960 Ingmar Bergman DVD
Viridiana 1961 Luis Bunuel; Luis Buñuel DVD
The Walker 2007 Paul Schrader DVD
WALL-E 2008 Andrew Stanton DVD
Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit 2005 Nick Park; Steve Box DVD
Wanted 2008 Timur Bekmambetov DVD
Warbirds DVD
The Warrior [2001] 2005 Kim Sung-Su DVD
Warrior King 2005 Prachya Pinkaew DVD
Warriors Two Sammo Hung DVD
The Way Of The Dragon 1972 Bruce Lee DVD
Wedlock 1991 Lewis Teague DVD
What Lies Beneath 2000 Robert Zemeckis DVD
Wheels On Meals [1984] 1984 Sammo Hung DVD
When Harry Met Sally... 1989 Rob Reiner DVD
When We Were Kings 1996 Leon Gast DVD
Whisper Of The Heart Yoshifumi Kondo DVD
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988 Robert Zemeckis DVD
The Wicker Man 1973 Robin Hardy DVD
Wings of Desire 1987 Wim Wenders DVD
The Wire: The Complete First Season 2002 Daniel Attias; Clark Johnson DVD
The Wire: Season 2 2003 Rob Bailey; Ed Bianchi DVD
The Wire: Season 3 2002 Daniel Attias; Brad Anderson DVD
The Wire: The Complete Fourth Season 2007 Daniel Attias; Joe Chappelle DVD
Withnail And I 1986 Bruce Robinson DVD
Wonder Boys 2000 Curtis Hanson DVD
Woodstock 1969 Michael Wadleigh DVD
The Work Of Director Spike Jonze 2003 Spike Jonze; Lance Bangs DVD
The Wrestler 2008 Darren Aronofsky DVD
X-Men 1.5/X-Men 2: 4 disc doublepack [2003] 2003 Bryan Singer DVD
Y Tu Mama Tambien 2002 Alfonso Cuarón DVD
The Yakuza 1975 Nicholas Ray; Sydney Pollack DVD
Yojimbo 1961 Akira Kurosawa DVD
Young And Innocent 1937 Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Young Frankenstein 1974 Mel Brooks DVD
The Young Master 1980 Jackie Chan DVD
Zatôichi 2003 Takeshi Kitano DVD
Zatoichi Meets The One-Armed Swordsman 1971 Kimiyoshi Yasuda; Yasuda Kimiyoshi DVD


  1. Try "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" I think you might like it, I have many of the same movies but your list has given me lots of new movies to check out, thanks


  2. Cheers. I really need to update this list though, I've bought a ton of films since then. What I need to do now is start watching them all - I've got an enormous backlog of unwatched films!

  3. I admit, most of my life I have been too busy for "movie cultural pursuits", but have been making up for it ... 150 since last summer. I appear to be eating them all up and appreciate your stock to expand my appetite.
    I know that most sports movies are horrendous, but if you can appreciate the "moment" , Seabiscuit is a gem - largely because it's true - and there are more great stories around racetracks than you'll see in most places. I recommend you try it and thank you for extending my horizons.