Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Celluloid Screams Film Festival

Last weekend I attended 'Celluloid Screams', a newly formed horror film festival at Sheffield's Showroom Cinema. I had a great time sitting through 13 top-class horror films, many of which were British premiere screenings, and I'd thoroughly recommend the festival to genre fans if it's repeated again next year.

Watching 13 films in one weekend is great for my film review blog of course, but that's a lot of work for someone who does this in his spare time. So, what I plan on doing is over the next few days doing some brief bulk reviews of all the films I caught at the weekend, covering a day per page (or maybe 2 for Saturday, when 7 films were screened!). So keep an eye out over the next week or so for some bumper content.

To whet your appetite, here is the full list of films that I caught at the festival:

Lake Mungo
Trick 'R Treat
Coffin Rock
Yoroi: Samurai Zombie
I Sell the Dead
Paranormal Activity
The Burning
Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl
The House of the Devil

The write-ups for each day are now available:
Saturday Part 1

Saturday Part 2

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  1. yoyo samurai zombie and vampire girl vs frankenstein girl sounds awesome!!